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The calculator allows you to convert cm to inches.

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1 cm = 1 / 2.54 inch or approximately 0.3937 inch
1 inch = 2.54 cm

To convert centimeters to inches, divide by 2.54.


We are going to convert a distance d of 25.4 centimeters to inches.
Distance d = 25.4 centimeters
1 cm = 1 / 2.54 inch
d = 25.4 cm = 25.4 / 2.54 = 10 inches = 10"


The inch is a unit of length. Its origin goes back to the Middle Ages. Its length has varied over the years to be frozen in 1959 at 2.54 cm: a twelfth of a foot, another unit of length.

The symbol for inch is the double prime: ". "5 inches" is written 5".
The correct use of the double prime is to indicate the unit of measure inches: 5” (five inches)
Another symbol for the unit of measurement "inch" is "in".

The plural of "inch" is "inches".

There are 2.54 centimeters in an inch.

The inch is used to measure for example:
- wheel sizes and vehicle tire sizes
- the dimensions of screens
- the sizes of electronic components,
- the resolution of printers and scanners expressed in dots per inch (dots per inch = DPI)

The unit of distance

The SI unit (International System of Units) for distance is the meter (m). Distance measures length. Speed has the dimensions of distance divided by time.

The basic unit of distance is the centimeter (cm). There are 100 centimeters in a meter (m) and 1000 meters in a kilometer (km). To measure the distances between stars, astronomers often use light-years (ly). A light-year is the distance light can travel in one year.

CGS system = centimeter, gram, seconds : a system of units based on the centimeter, gram and second.
MKS system = meter, kilogram, seconds

Centimeter or centimetre

You say "centimeter" in American English and "centimetre" in British English.
cm is the written abbreviation for centimeter or centimeters.
Centimeters and meters are both metric units of measurement.